Is CADDIEAWAY easy to push/ roll?

This is one of the most common comments we get: "… and it is so easy to push!” Even though the wheels have smaller diameter than usual carts, the non-common steel ball- bearings we use makes it very easy to push/ roll.

Mount the cart on CADDIEAWAY?
With a little practice you will mount the cart at around 30 seconds, since it is very easy to mount. You will be the first one off towards the tee. But, as mentioned, you will need 2-3 times to practice: then you are all set!

The cart-parts are hidden inside the bag construction. It is a complete cart, but all You see are the attachment evolving from the "spine/ cart” The bag/ cart is also well balanced.

In total there are 10 pockets: 3 on each side, 4 at the front. When the cart is mounted, the two side/ cart pockets are very big. The smaller pockets lets You keep good overview of what is inside the pockets.

Do You ship to all countries?
Yes, we do.

CADDIEAWAY waterproof?
There is most probably not a waterproof bag on the global golf- market. The only way to get protection is to use umbrella, rain- cover, or not to play in rain. CADDIEAWAY will stay normal dry/ wet, leaving the small valuables pockets a little bit dryer than that.

Please find accessories to a product under each product presentation.

CADDIEAWAY club-dividers?
There are 3 full length dividers.

Spare parts?
We have spare-parts for immediate delivery.

CADDIEAWAY weight/ airline info?
No problem! Depending on accessories it weighs between 8.3- 8.9 KG, Complete bag and cart altogether. Clubs, balls and some extra = 15 KG. (Remember to add possible travel- bag weight)

Here are guidelines for weight allowance at some airlines.
Please double check to get the right, updated info. Some airlines may apply fee for extra luggage.

23 KG
SAS, FINNAIR, KLM, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Continental, FlyNiki, Czech Air, Blue1, Swiss Air, Air Baltic, Tap Portugal, Iberia,Spanair, Alitalia, Maley, Estonian, Air France , Easy Jet, United Airlines

20 KG
Ryanair, TUI Fly, German Wings

15 KG or more
Norwegian, Lufthansa, Austrian, Thomas Cook, Turkish Airlines

CADDIEAWAY travel-bag weight?
2.9 KG. Bag, travel-bag, clubs, balls, shoes, etc. altogether max. 20 KG.

Payment terms?
We use online payment.
In rare cases, we can use prepayment via invoice.
Please send us an email on info@pleasygolf.com

General Terms and conditions
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